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December 11, 2017 Audience Insight Lab

8.25 seconds That’s the average attention span of a buyer today. Brands today are facing unparalleled challenges across the consumer engagement landscape.Audience Insight Lab

The sheer volume of available online and social content is making it increasingly difficult for brands to drive value from audiences.

The amount of digital content available to audiences is growing far more rapidly than audiences themselves, including the time they have to engage with it. For brands, this means the available share of audience attention is shrinking, having to compete with entertainment and celebrity content, interactions between friends and family and increased interest in news and politics on social media, notwithstanding the 5,000 marketing messages consumers are exposed to each day.

This is resulting in less visibility, higher media costs to buy access to audiences and a growing audience indifference to overly familiar content themes and messages. If brands are to see success in their marketing efforts in the future then, what’s needed is a more precise approach, which focuses on defined audience groups for each brand and how to drive value from them. Audience intelligence that offers brands the opportunity to build a defined picture of their customers and prospects, to understand their preferences, habits, and motivations and ultimately the best means to engage and inspire them.

In an age of constantly connected audiences, brands must study audience insights more attentively if they want to have their finger on the pulse of hyper-connected consumer sensibilities. Insight at the speed of culture is what’s needed.

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